Because it’s from a cannabis plant, people associate CBD with THC and think, “I’m gonna get so high!” No. You won’t.

CBD is the nonpsychoactive compound of cannabis. You don’t get drunk on nonalcoholic beer, right? You probably wouldn’t drink a nonalcoholic beer before working out either, so this is where the comparisons end.

The whole point with CBD is less about what you feel and more about what you don’t. It’s like only noticing how much you miss breathing when you have a cold, otherwise, you’re not thinking about it. CBD, put simply, eliminates (or significantly lessens) feelings of anxiety and physical pain, but it doesn’t add anything.

As far as exercise is concerned, whether you’re starting or sticking to a regiment, it can feel daunting to get your runners on, get mentally prepared, and get out the door. Something to consider with CBD before your workout is its anti-anxiety properties. There is still a lot of research that needs to be done to back these claims, however, anecdotally, it is proving to be a form of relief. For you, that relief could mean quieting the voice trying to convince you that the run is too long or it’s too cold outside or the gym is too far.

And while CBD is not a miracle cure for health and wellness-related issues — including when it comes to exercise — it does have the potential to help reduce post-workout soreness after you docrush your workout. It is particularly useful as it combats pain and inflammation, and can help your body feel nimble. Yes, nimble.

The biggest takeaway, though? No adverse side effects. Anticlimactic, maybe; except that getting back to that feeling of not feeling anything is called nor-mal. And it’s nice.

Maybe feeling like you can stretch a little deeper?
Lift a little heavier? Run a little faster?
Recover a little quicker?

You are still very much you, albeit your best, stress-free, loose-limbed, baaaad self. Get it!

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